Rachel Stokes C.P.C.

Professional Life-Health and Wellness Coach  

Rachel Stokes Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach

As Your Life Coach, I will...

What You Can Expect....


• Clarify your situation and develop a personalized plan of    change

• Examine ways to find balance and fulfillment instead of “have to's” and “should do's”

• Provide a process and tools to keep you focused on living a fuller life.

• Relate to your life transitions on a personal and professional level

• Work collaboratively with you to keep you inspired, focused and moving forward.

• Bring a positive attitude and an innovative approach as a life coach to help you handle transitions in finding purpose and your True Authentic Self...... Living Life the Happy Way.


• Self Confidence

• Self Awareness

• Ability to go outside their comfort zone

• A feeling of fulfillment

• New perspective

• Their ability to stay focused

• Better decision making ability

• Reaching goals

• Peace and contentment

• Finding Gratitude in everyday life

• The ability so see oneself in a positive way, the True               Authentic Self!

As your Health Coach we will work together to determine what program is best for You.

Happy To Be Me Healthy

Transformational 12 Week Program



Step 1

o Setup the conditions for inevitable success. When you have conditions for inevitable success than follow through becomes easy. Without this people inevitably fall back into old patterns and get more of what they don’t want.

In our first session we are going to look at how to make you a priority within the context of your busy lifestyle. The reason my clients get results with this program is because were consistently considering how this all fits in with the family, friends, holidays, parties so you do not have to feel like you to choose between your health plan and going out with friends. That would not be fun or sustainable. In this program I'm committed to having it be sustainable, easy and fun.

Step 2

o What to eat for you unique body type? Some people burn fat best, others need more carbs and protein. Without this step you may eat food commonly deemed as “healthy” but you don’t get the desired outcome. People often wonder why they cannot lose weight or feel like they have plateaued no matter how much they exercise or how much salad they eat. You’ll know exactly which foods are most fat burning in your body, which foods give you energy and which foods take away.

• Step 3

o How to turn these healthy habits into behaviors that last! By the end of the 90 days you are going to have different rituals, different habits and feel totally transformed in your body...and what we are aiming towards is not some quick-fix diet, but rather making those changes last.





The Happy To Be Me 90 Day Breakthrough Program For Emotional Eating


Emotional eating is often the result of unrecognized or unexamined triggers, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Keep in mind that food isn't usually the primary problem. In fact, up until now, food may have been the solution! The Happy To Be Me 90 day Emotional Eating Program helps you create lasting change, you'll need to target the issue at a root cause level. Therefore, overcoming automatic and emotional eating involves "rewriting" the brain. It is a process that takes time, practice, and an increased focus on self-care.


In this 12 week program we will dig deep and work on restoring balance to your life by attending to your emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual needs. The more you tend to those needs the less you will turn to food to cope with or avoid your feelings, you'll likely notice you have more energy to focus on cultivating true well-being and living life the happy way.



Coaching is done by  phone or in person

Life Coaching Packages

Jump Start

Moving Forward

Breaking Free

The Ultimate

1 month or 4 sessions

2 months or 8 sessions

3 months or 12 sessions

6 months or 24 sessions

• One 90 minute kickoff session

• Three 45 minute coaching sessions

• One 15 minute check in phone call

• Access to tools and techniques to help you reach your goals

• Pre-meeting emails to let me know how your week is going (this is not mandatory but very helpful)


• One 90 minute kickoff session

• One 75 minute half way evaluation session

• Six 45 minute coaching sessions

• Three 15 minute check in phone call

• Access to tools and techniques to help you reach your goals

• Pre-meeting emails to let me know how your week is going (this is not mandatory but very helpful)

• One 90 minute kickoff session

• One 75 minute half way evaluation session

• Ten 45 minute coaching sessions

• Five 15 minute check in phone call

• Access to tools and techniques to help you reach your goals

• Pre-meeting emails to let me know how your week is going (this is not mandatory but very helpful)

• One 90 minute kick off session

• One 75 minute half way evaluation

• Twenty two 45 minute coaching sessions

• Ten 15 minute check in phone call

• Access to tools and techniques to help you reach your goals

• Pre-meeting emails to let me now how your week is going (this is not mandatory but very helpful)






Life Coaching Packages

Health and Wellness Packages

Happy To Be Me 90 Day Transformational Program


Happy To Be Me 90 Day  Breakthrough Program For Emotional Eating


Programs include 12 modular coaching sessions, weekly hand outs and client action guides.





Health & Wellness



Living Life the Happy Way offers many workshops that will help inspire and open your mind to new ideas through a healing creative process. The inspirational workshops are not only great for individuals but also for small businesses or any group that is looking for team building activities that everyone will enjoy. Some of the workshops are just for fun. A time to be with friends creating with no judgment. You can always sign up for a workshop that is already scheduled or contact me to book one for your special group.

Positive & Strong:

Body Image Workshop

In this workshop, we will have an interactive discussion, do a mindful meditation, and finish with an intuitive painting session. The goal: to help us love, accept and be grateful for ourselves.


Images from social media, criticism from our families, and negative self-talk can affect the way we feel about our bodies. In our interactive discussion, we will identify how these areas negatively influence our body image, and discuss how we can change the way we think--and feel--about our ourselves.


Even more exciting, we will talk about how to make far reaching changes. Would it be possible to influence the media to promote positive feelings and thoughts about women's bodies? Let's discuss!


Next, I will lead a mindful meditation, allowing us to release any negative thoughts we still have about ourselves. We will open our hearts to the power of gratitude for our unique bodies, and support each other to do the same.


Our last activity will be intuitive painting. This will be an artistic journey of self-discovery. No previous experience or talent is required. All I ask is that you try to charge your canvas with the new energy of self-acceptance, and embrace your inner goddess when she appears.


Date: January 28, 2018

Time: 2 - 4:30 p.m.

(Note: The end time is approximate. Since our last activity is intuitive painting, we will stay as long as you need to finish your canvas.)

Location: 2228 Broadway #213, in the Galveston Historical Foundation building


I will provide the positive energy, light bites, wine and water. You bring strength, belief, and a desire to move forward.


$22.00 each




 Vision Board Workshop


A vision board is a tool used to help you uncover and achieve your dreams and goals.

In this creative fun workshop you will learn how to open the doors to your soul's dreams and make your very own vision board.

Along with making your vision board, Artist and Positive Thinker Rachel Stokes will help you learn how to:

 Expand your thinking so you can imagine, and have, a more rewarding, fulfilling and successful life.

Create different types of vision boards and determine which is best for you.

Achieve the goals and dreams placed on your board by moving from visualization to reality.

 No artistic training needed.

To encourage a safe space for self-expression no criticisms or critiques are permitted.


Gratitude Box Workshop


Gratitude is the key to happiness, peace of mind, and successful relationships. Join us at this fun event to create a gratitude box with Artist and Life Coach Rachel Stokes.


First, there will be a short presentation on gratitude, why it's important and how to incorporate it into our daily routine. Then, we will get creative and make our gratitude boxes. Of course we will have light snacks and wine!


What is a gratitude box you ask? Well, it is an easy, fast, fun, new, creative way of journaling for those of us that do not have the time to journal! It's kind of like a piggy bank but instead of saving money, you can save the things that you are grateful for and the things that make you happy! Notes, photos, reminders, fortune cookies...whatever you like.










Expressive Painting Workshop


We will start out with a short presentation talking about stress and how it affects our inner peace.  We will then begin the painting process where we will have active painting meditation and stop along the way to reflect on our feelings and what the different layers mean in our life. It sounds deep but it's fun and Inspiring. In the end, you will have a beautiful painting of palm trees to hang on your wall.....


Intention Catcher Workshop


In this fun interactive workshop, you will learn the difference between making resolutions and setting intentions. Rachel Stokes C.P.C. will do a short skit on setting resolution followed by discussion on why resolutions don’t stick. We will charge our work-space with positive energy and good vibes to help us learn how to and set the best intention for each individual. Next, we will take our new knowledge and create a colorful Intention Catcher for you to take home.


 January 21, 2018

1:00pm till 3:00pm


2228 Broadway

Suite 213

Galveston, Texas 77550





WHO is Rachel Stokes?

  Happy, fun and grateful, Rachel Stokes founder of Living Life the Happy Way offers Life And Health coaching and workshops to businesses, small groups, individuals and retreats.

As a certified professional Life Coach, Rachel teaches the technique of using Gratitude to conquer fears, overcome obstacles, and create a full and happy life. She has helped many people overcome difficulties, create a vision, heal, and move forward to find their True Authentic Self.

It was from her own experience with emotional eating that led Rachel to also obtain her health coach certification, She offers Health Coaching to people whose emotions are in a battle against a healthy relationship with food. Rachel helps her clients discover the differences between physical and emotional hunger, identify the triggers for their emotional eating, use their knowledge and experiences to develop a healthy relationship with food. Through mindful eating techniques she teaches her clients how to replace old habits with new healthy ones.

Positive thinker Rachel Stokes uses her passions and life experiences to bring a fresh and fun perspective to Life and Health Coaching. After working with children in the public school system, Rachel spent many years working as a patient advocate in a chemotherapy unit. It was there that she witnessed first-hand the difference that attitude and Gratitude can make in someone’s life.

As an artist, Rachel works in fused glass, mosaics and mixed media. In 2015, she received national attention with her "Receive Love Share" project. Rachel hid more than 2400 hearts around Galveston Island for strangers to find, appreciate, and share. Her project inspired people all over the world. Now Rachel merges her artistic talents with her passion for teaching gratitude in the enlightening and eclectic workshops that she presents for groups and individuals.

Success as a Life Coach led Rachel to become certified as a professional Health Coach. "After hiring my own health coach to deal with my eating disorder, I knew this was my calling--to help women and teenagers overcome their eating disorders," Rachel says.

As a teenager, Rachel tried to control her weight by bingeing and purging. Years of struggle with an emotional eating disorder followed. Working with a health coach, Rachel learned to eat only when she was hungry, and to recognize the triggers that led to emotional eating. Rachel continues to explore the food-body-mind connection, and recent experiments have helped her control arthritis pain with her diet.

Rachel’s toolbox is full of new and innovative approaches to dealing with life’s issues and challenges. She uses art, comedy, costumes, and personal narrative to entertain and enlighten. Whether you want to turn your whole life around, tackle emotional eating, conquer a specific fear, or just release a negative thought, Rachel will help you create the life you want.


Workshops - Rachel leads gratitude workshops as well as other inspirational and transformational workshops for small groups of individuals and for businesses. She also holds small group workshops to help women learn about mindful eating and how to over come emotional eating.

 Click the Workshops tab for descriptions.


Retreats  - Throughout the year, Rachel organizes retreats for women to identify and celebrate the things that make them happy. She also leads retreats that focus on mindful eating and over coming emotional eating.


Life Coaching and Health Coaching - Rachel works side-by-side with individuals to help them identify and achieve goals, overcome emotional eating, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and focus on a vibrant, purposeful, and fun life.

Click the Packages tab for descriptions..

Rachel's Journey Through Emotional Eating

When I was a girl, I loved to eat, whether it was getting a weekly chocolate milk shake from Dairy Queen with my dad, or putting away "my body weight in shrimp," as my grandfather put it, to my complete mortification, when I was a teenager. But it wasn't just the flavors that I enjoyed, and I wasn't always hungry when I ate. I ate because food comforted me.


I remember feeling unloved during the summers when I was a child, because my older brother and sister got to visit our grandmothers when school was out. Those weekly milk shakes were my dad's attempt to make the summer special for poor, left-behind me. I realize now that it could have been the beginning of the way I used food--ice cream especially--to comfort myself for forty or so years.


In fifth grade, my family moved from an idyllic small town to Houston, the largest city in Texas. I had been diagnosed with a learning disability when I was younger, and the open concept design of my new school only made it harder for me to concentrate and learn. To top things off, my body started going through its natural, adolescent development that year. This was before any of the other girls in my class, and it brought unwanted attention and ridicule from my classmates.


Food was still my friend, and I continued using ice cream and other favorites to comfort me when the comments got too cruel, or I felt stupid because I wasn't achieving in school, or when my body felt awkward and different. I look at photos from that time, and my slouch clearly conveys the feeling I had of not being proud of my body, and of trying to hide my recent development.


Emotional eating like I was doing usually leads to weight gain, and that was certainly felt true for me. But by sixth grade, I was also developing the desire to have more control over my life, and that's when I started purging. I was an awkward adolescent, but I still wanted to go out and do things, be a part of the crowd. Bingeing when I was out with my peers helped me cope with my perceived awkwardness, and let me socialize despite my body image issues. I could also enjoy the comfort of food without gaining weight, because I would throw up what I had eaten.


Vomiting at social events did not go unnoticed by the other girls, but they did not know the real reason and the rumor soon spread that I was getting drunk. To show you how confused I was by all of my issues around both eating and my image of myself, I can tell you that I was grateful they thought I was drunk!


My purging continued for the next 10 years, but I was thankfully able to stop cold turkey when, at the age of 22, I saw my 2 year old son put his fingers down his throat to throw up after he ate, "just like mommy." It was an extreme wake up call, but, unfortunately, it did not lead to the miraculous resolution of my emotional issues with food.

I continued bingeing. Food boosted my happiness during good times, and it comforted me during life's sad times.


By the time my daughter reached high school, I weighed 248 pounds, had tried countless diets and other weight loss techniques, and was desperate to lose weight. That's when I got a lap band and started shedding the pounds. It was great. I finally got down to a size that I was comfortable with, and I had a closet full of clothes that I looked good in.


But after seven years, the lap band started to slip. I knew that it had, because I had the symptoms--I had gastric reflux every night, and I vomited after I ate, at least five days a week. I knew that my lap band had slipped, but the really shocking part is that I waited five years before I did anything about it.


Why would I wait for so long? There were a lot of reasons. For one thing, throwing up put me back in that place of feeling in control of my weight. Although I never overtly thought, That felt good, I did feel relieved because vomiting meant I wasn't going to gain weight. That was the main reason I didn't seek help--I was terrified of gaining weight. On some level, I knew I had not addressed or solved any of the real issues that caused me to gain weight. I knew the lap band was just a band-aid for me.


For five whole years, I adapted to life with a slipped lap band. I slept sitting up, ate Gaviscon like candy, and indulged in ice cream every day. How lucky for me that my old friend ice cream was soothing when it went down my overworked esophagus, actually stayed in my stomach, and gave me enough comfort to ignore a building health crisis!


That crisis peaked one night when I threw up and aspirated my food. It was terrifying, imagining how I was going to suffocate on the floor of my bathroom, alone, since my husband was at work. But somehow I did manage to get some air, and I also got help.


By this time, I was a Life Coach, and I knew a lot about stress relief, as well as how to use gratitude to increase my happiness, and how to help others do the same. My familiarity with coaching and its life-changing power led me to the realization that a Health Coach could help me.


When I worked with my Health Coach, I learned how to recognize hunger signals. This included always asking myself, Do I need food, or some emotional nourishment? I learned that ice cream was my "drug of choice," and I developed a plan for going "drug-free." To tackle that issue and more, I had to nourish the little girl inside of me. It has been my extreme pleasure to watch her grow since then.


Learning more about food and taking control of what I eat has also helped me to lessen the pain of arthritis in my ankles, hands, and knees. Remember my old friend ice cream? Dairy, it turns out, is a trigger for my arthritis, and eliminating it from my diet, while very difficult, has improved my health.


Working with a Health Coach also made me realize that it is my calling to help other women with their emotional eating issues, and other food related problems that are getting in the way of a happy life. These could include problems with low energy, sugar addiction, or pain like I had with arthritis. Everyone is different, so I work with my clients weekly on exercises to help them find the foods that are and are not working for them, break harmful cycles and addictions, change habits and develop life plans.



Breaking Free From Emotional Eating

Negative Nancy and the Leftovers

The Monster Called Emotional Eating

Negative Nancy on Snacking


Rachel Stokes



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